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Escape from Shaoyang, and why complain?
The teaching in Shaoyang is good, if not at the University. The Shaoyang University, after VSO(uk's peace corp.) of England stopped supplying the teachers, began to deal with the teachers directly. Since then, anyone who has worked here can tell you, us teachers have had to put up with such an unorganized system. Professionalism is at Mao era levels of inefficiency. Money issues must be haggled over, even when amounts are very clear.
One teacher left early, now basking in the sun, relieved of the local stares and glares, relieved from the stench of rotting piles of waste that dot the campus, the burning piles of garbage outside of the teachers dorm, relieved from the the hypocracy, and hearing no more the belches of tootless urbanized peasants with baijiu breath.

Upon arrival to Shaoyang one never gets any idea of what is expected of you in the teaching. They just hand you a book, tell you not to be late, not to miss classes. Such freedom and independence is good, though when, in the middle, or at the end of the semster, they get the whips out because they don't like your method, or tell you that you needed to do 'this' or 'that' for each class("oh, no one told you…but we did…") , than independence becomes inefficiency and duplicity. 

The middle schools of Shaoyang are much better, much much cleaner, offer far more pay and professionalism for the same hours worked, and they accommodate the foreign teacher very well. At the University new teachers are treated with such care, though this tapers off the longer they become used to your token presence. 

We are told, by some here in the café, "don't complain about China", and "you must not expect that all is going to be the same as it is in your countries". Well, I beg to differ. 

Through such complaining, we spare the possible torment that other teachers who may have otherwise gotten sucked into teaching for inefficiant institutions, and second, we are able to exercise our freedom of speech, a western value that I truly appreciate.

China is a wonderful place, a country of intrigue, and a place filled with wonder, and delicacies of appitite as well as friendly people, but inefficiency, duplicity, corruption, lying, and cheating are all bad, no matter where they happen. They hamper the progress of humanity.

Marybeth presty