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I went to China with the thought that it would be a great experience with yes a few challenges. But not as many as I did.
To start with my contract was a total waste of time the company only went along with the contract if it was in their favour.
My first apartment was a hell hole it was a 1 bedroom with a horrible bathroom that had a toilet that didnít work properly and the shower was always cold. This I could live with I can handle the toilet and the shower but the worst thing about this apartment is that the place was so dirty you couldnít take off you shoes for fear that cockroaches would run over your feet and you get covered in balck dust everytime you do.

The second problem that came up was every month with the salary package to begin with on the internet I was told that I would be getting 4500 then when I arrived I got 4000 only 500 rmb but when I tried to bring it up with them they denied all knowledge. The main problem with the contract before I arrived and after I arrived is that another girl had been speaking to me online who was living in another town and was notreally part of the company so any promises that she told us were complete lies.

I was promised chinese lessons for free which were not supplied I was promised that I would teach at 1 school when I got there I was teaching at about 7 different schools at once.

The next problem that came up came up with the wording in the contract in the contract it states that you have to TEACH 22 hours per week but if you do not TEACH 22 hours per week you still receive your full salary. The company asked me and a couple of other foreign teacher to do some extra hour working on a film as a movie extra all was goo we were told that we would get about 60 rmb per hour I did 19 hours of movie extra work in one month and I got paid nothing because the company said that as I didnít do my 22 hours per week they would not pay me the extra cash as I had to do 22 hours per week and this was included in the 22 hours per week. But the contract did not say anything about this extra work . The problem was that I asked the company about this and they ignored me and enied e the extra salary but another teacher who also kicked up a fuss received the extra money I think this is simply because it was a male teacher that talk to them.

I hads a problem every month with my salary where the company would say that I had taken more sick days then I actully had and xcharge me a loyt more then I should have been but again as I am a girl they did not listen to me and would not budge.

But the biggest problem with this comp[any is that the company does not tell you that they supply teachers to all cities in jilin province until you arrive inot china. I was in the capital city for a few weeks and the ytried to make me move I told them I would not go this was ok they agreed and I stayed in changchun 
a few months later after I had settled in to changchun had a group of friends and a boy friend they tried to make me move again I refused. They got angry with me and that is when the salary problems started.

Just before I left china (for personal reasons) they had tried to make me move again with me refusing again and them not listening and booking me on the bus.
This was the day after I had spent 2 hours in hospital feeling as sick as I have ever felt and after I had told them that I wouldnít be able to teach as I was so sick.

The company said not to worry because I could sleep on the bus and I would be ok.
I went to this small town I lasted 1 day before I was too sick so I just came back to changchun.

By this stage I had had enough and I was lucky that a family emergency came up and I could leave this company without having to worry about the contract breach fee which is 500 usd.

If you have any questios plase contact me on
my name is adella

thanks just remember if you are a girl goping to china go with a friend preferably a boy or you will be treated terribly.