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Ok, I came to China on a 30 day L visa that I got in Hong Kong. I started work at a PUBLIC School on that L visa 4 days after entering China. I have gotten paid from this school. 

Today, after working here for 36 +/- days - even after my visa expired I obtained a Z visa. 

For those of you who say in these forums that you can not obtain a Z visa in China - you are wrong. For those who say you can not work here for a public school on an F or L visa you are wrong. For those who say you cannot get an F or L visa changed to a Z visa you are wrong. 

Do I have a "friend" or 'party member" who did this for me. NO. The school did it for me and for others. 

So, you CAN get you visa status changed easily and legally in China to a Z visa without any hassle. I didn't even have to do anything, the school went to Fuzhou and took care of it all. 

Done, Issue closed right? 

By the way, with the exception of changing money do the Foreign Experts Certificate (which is a reddish brown by the way) and the Foreigner Residence Permit (dark green by the way) have any purpose or need to be carried?


I need a life...Anyone got an extra? 

Oh my God, it's all in Chinese..!