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visa stuff
To make a long story short I started a job the beginning of this month and they didn't live up to their end of the bargain/contract. I resigned but in the meantime my Foreign Experts Certificate, Work Permit (Z visa) etc are in the works. They said they contacted the relevant departments and my permits will only be valid until the beginning of April (when I leave the school) as they will submit my contract along with the resignation letter.

When I get my Foreign Experts Certificate it will pretty much expire very soon after I leave the school. They said the work visa will also but I have never heard of a 2 month Z visa. They said that it depends on the officer that issues them. Furthmore they have mentioned they will honour me with the release letter.

Does all this sound ligitimate?

What do I do now to renew them and what are my timing restraints?

Also I have will have to pay for these when they come through so will I have to pay again when I get to another school?


I found the job advertised on the internet. Basically I was lied to at the interview about a number of points. The hours, pay amongst other things. I dont want to post the schools name or anything else as they are being fair in this deal and giving me the release letter and even applying for the visa etc. when they know I will leave. Well they have to do this by law anyway.

Put it to you this way. In the end I was getting RMB 8000 per month. No bonus, no airfare, no nothing. Not even an apartment for 40 hours per week. What would you do?