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Chengdu Experimental Foreign Language School
Yeah, I am currently teaching at that school and the reason that you have not heard of it is that its a new school.There is a Chengdu Foreign Language School and they opened the experimtal branch about a year and half ago.Originally I was recommended to the first school but they had plenty of teachers so I am the lone teacher at this school.The branch I teach at is a ways from downtown which has its bad and good points.
I am the only teacher here because there are only about 1,200 students and I can easily handle all the classes that need foreign teachers.
The school pays me well and for the most part it has been a positive experience.I live in the teachers dormitory which is small and comfortable and I have everything I need and everything is paid for (bills)The students in the school are 90% from Chengdu but they have to live on campus but go home on weekends.Last year I taught in a very small city where my students were from the countryside so I find these city students a bit difficult at times.For the most part, the students are good and want to learn English so I do recommend this school especially if your friend likes teaching junior students.