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Delter Business Institute; Telfort Business Institute
Don't believe everything you read. You will get many comments both good and bad. 

First of all they recruit for themselves, no agents to go through. They are big and depending on the location have their own staff member to organise things for you. Visas, travel, insurance, learning chinese etc someone can help you with that. 

Yes, their basic pay in 4,000 RMB a month for teaching english but if you take on business classes (ie. 2 classes is usual which is 20 hours) you receive 2,000 RMB an extra a subject. 

They pay on time and every two weeks. No problems with pay and constant negotiation with them. 

They are training centres, not schools. 
And they are not Canadian-owned by run by a Chinese who returned from Canada. 

There used to be acrimonious battles here between devout haters of Telford/Delta (and some oother names) and supporters. 

Apartments, well I can only speak for Beijing that they are OK. Some new, some old. A bit noisy though at night. I have heard that Hangzhou has fantastic apartments like hotel suites. 

If you have issues and problems they do respond to them but sometimes they can be a bit slow. There were issues last year about the internet in the apartments which went on for weeks. 

Their business books are sometimes quite bad but the teaching is quite easy really. No real teaching to be heard of. As long as the students like you all is fine. 

As with most big private schools they push through the students. They do english for a year and then one or two years of business. Many of the students have very poor levels of english when they get to the business levels which creates the biggest issue from all the teachers, their students don't have the competency levels. The teachers constantly complain but fall on deaf ears.