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How Yakup from Yakup International treat his applicants
Hello, I am here to tell you what happened to people in Yakup International, Dr.Yakup so called a lawer, does not know how to treat people legally, He sells people to schools and then ask for 100$ from the applicant for the placement fee, which means he gets money both ways. And he never and would never willing to pay his employees salary, he promises people something before they come to china, and then completely dump them after they arrive. He only send people to Jiangsu Province where is middle of nowhere, He is very very very nice to the applicants when they arrive, free food, hotel (if he can not find you a job in 2 days, you have to pay for the hotel yourself), then after he sells them, he just completely forget them and even you are screaming and struggling from your situation in the school, he doesnít care, he gets his money, and thatís the end. There is one story out of the millions:
There is an American Chinese, her boyfriend is in China, so she came here to work, Yakup could not place her a position because she looks like Chinese, She is not a white, after a few days, Yakup tried to get rid of her, he drove them to a middle of nowhere, threw their luggage out of his van, and made them get off the van, then he drove away, fortunately her boyfriend catch the van and stopped him, he was forced to take them back, he did and took them to his office, there, he asked them to sign an agreement that they wouldnít sue him ,otherwise they would have no life in China, Thatís how he keeps people shut up.
I can just go on and on about all the stories I know about Yakup and Yakup International. Those who were treated badly by Yakup please contact with me, We should really do something to stop him, people come