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Guangdong University of Technology
From August, 2005, to present I taught at the Guandgong University of Technology (Guangdong Gongye Daxue) in Guangzhou, Guandong, China. For a detailed description of my tenure at the school, visit http://www.thekungpaochicken.com.

My experience was by and large a good one. The school never asked me to teach more than 16 hours a week without additional compensation. The classes weren't too big either, usually under 45 students.

But sometimes I ran into problems. The schedule I was given was not always entirely accurate and sometimes students were left without a teacher or a teacher was left without students. Also there weren't many resources for teachers to use (eg books, copy machines, televisions).

I like teaching in Guangzhou. It's a big city with a much different character than the cities I've visited in the north: hot, humid weather, exotic food, lots of people. Guangzhou is such an international city, I don't miss any of the comforts from back home.

The big city life does bring some problems along without it though. I've seen more crime here. The community isn't as tight as it might be in a smaller city. And the pollution can be overwhelming.

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