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Living happy in China
Greetings to "AbroadChina.org" and all the others.
Experience in China is ... let's just say it's rich! Firstly I should tell you my rule of living in this country, that is my module in China, my good friend from Cameroon told me once, during my first weeks of stay: "If you want to live happy in China, don't trust any Chinese"! And that means ANY. I'm saying that because, I didn't listen to him at first, so I had to learn the hard way. One Chinese "friend" really bumped me for nothing and he doesn't seem to see a problem with that till nowadays. As far as MY experience goes, Chinese people don't really understand the meaning of the word "friendship", well they seem that they do, but as soon as the interests reach money, they change completely (you can even use the word "mutate"). It's not only my experience, it's an experience of all my foreign friends in Zhongguo.
I started as a student here. Everything was going pretty good, at least the shell looked that way, but inside it was rotten. All the shiny invitations and beautiful feasts is nothing more than a way to force you to do what THEY want you to, not really considering your rights and personal freedom and interests. The people there used us as free working power, of course I couldn't stand it for long, so I had to leave, it's even better to say flee. Since I'm a pretty lucky guy and I made lots of friends on the way (foreign friends), they took me out of dirt and helped me to find a job. At the moment I'm working with one company in completely different province. Here I had completely different experience.
My bosses are people who were not mind-bordered as common Chinese people, they have seen the world, been in Canada and other foreign and Asian countries. But still my module remains solid in my mind, it's just now there's a little adding been done, which is: "no matter where the Chinese man had been, no matter how much he had seen and seem to be understanding and caring - he STILL remains a Chinese", which takes us back to rule number 1. When it comes to working - you are number one, when it comes to salary, you are a problem. Deduction and the "wrongs" you have done is often to be mentioned at the pay day.
All I can advice to my foreign friends is : be VERY careful, don't fall in love when you see the advertisement, which offers you something like 8 000 or 10 000 Yuan a month, these are usually the guys, whom you work for about three months and then they tell you that there is a problem with changing your visa, police refused to do it (until maybe 5 days to it's expiration) and they are so poor that they can not pay you your salary. As the saying goes : "trust, but check".
But from the other hand, however, China is fun and worth seeing. People here are pretty friendly, especially you can notice it in night clubs. They are looking forward to make friends with you and they really admire your smiles and friendliness, for these simple things they can take down mountains for you. So what I mean is that, the real help you'll find in the places you'd never think of, WHEN you come. There are many things to laugh at and the hardships are that you are not in a different country, you are in a different world! But it's fun guys!
I really hope that I gave you at least some clues and said things that made you to read this letter till the end. Have a nice China-life.

P.S. We had one more good saying : "if you don't like China, well, create your own China!" Which we had successfully done.

Sincerely yours
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