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A serious warning about a very untrustworthy school
San Jie Foreign Language School (Also sometimes known as "Harvard" or "Havard" Foreign Language School) is located in Wang Jing Xing Cheng, Block 3, Building 314 Rm 101 in Chaoyang District of Beijing. They also have a branch office in the Jing Xin Mansion on the third ring road near Niu Ren Jie.

San Jie is owned and operated by Koreans. They claim to be a "Christian" school, at least as far as the owner is concerned. However, they have lost many teachers because they did not pay them. Not only did they not pay their teachers, but when the teachers exercised their contractual right to cancel the contract if their employer does not pay them, the school's reaction was to attempt all kinds of lies and threats to "punish" them. For some teachers, they attempted to steal their personal belongings and if they had not had the foresight to keep all the receipts for everything they had ever bought, the school might have succeeded. The school also contacted various friends and relatives--whoever they could find--of the different teachers in an attempt to discredit them. They attempted to blackmail one teacher, telling that teacher that if they were paid, they would allow this teacher to keep the visa they had and remain in China. (This is illegal). They also promised this teacher all the money that was owed to them, by a specific date. This teacher refused to be blackmailed, and told them that simply what was owed was expected. The school immediately began accusing this teacher of "blackmail," attempting to accuse the teacher of trying to get them to let the teacher keep the visa, and give the teacher a one year extension on the visa. (This while the teacher was in the process of having the visa changed, in accordance with Chinese law). They have made all kinds of rude threats and demands that are not in accordance with China's law. Upon investigation with the Beijing Foreign Affairs Bureau and the Chaoyang District Foreign Affairs Bureau, it appears this school may have even had their license cancelled a year ago and is now attempting to employ foreigners illegally.

Be careful of this school. The management are very friendly on the surface, but have proved themselves to be willing to lie, blackmail, slander, distort people's words and even make attempts to steal at a moment's notice.

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