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Joy School Harbin - Just an awful place to work...!!
Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT work for this school. Many teachers have left this school because of break ins occuring and the school doing nothing about it, money missing from paychecks, promises made and broken etc.

The owner, Godwin Chen is not an honest man. In fact, many of the teachers are working 25 hours a week and still only getting the regular pay with no overtime! About 4 teachers have left within the last 6 months and they only have about 8 teachers!

Just do yourself a favour and look at another school's advertisement, there's a lot of schools around for higher pay than this one and FAR less trouble!

If you feel like 6000RMB sounds like an ok deal, just think about the extra hours you'll be spending working for free or travelling to another school about an hour across town, back and forth every day. Or working split shifts all day, sticking around the school for 2 or 3 shifts. Not to mention workin govertime and not getting paid for it, or finding out that you pay is less than promised or your apartment was broken into.

Just not worth it, avoid this place like the plague!

If you'd like more info, just email me, pardek100@hotmail.com! I can give you all the info you require, just please, say away from this place!