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Big time heads up
Just a for warning to anyone interested in working for these schools. If you do not mind being treated like a second rate citizen and a marketing tool, then this is the place for you. They will exploit you every chance they get and if you voice problems or concerns you will be told they are not serious or important. Any requests you make, even for meetings to discuss contracts, will never be carried out. Yet if they need you for anything, you are expected to drop everything and come running. You will work like a mule and maybe get a day off a week. Do not expect to enjoy your day off, as they will ask you to do something for free. You will not get paid for any over time and when they say "Wester style apartment", they mean dorm room. When they say 24 hot water, they mean a community shower that not only foreign teachers have assess to, so getting a hot shower nearly impossible. There is no hot water in your room, as the dorm is run off of solar heating. They also imply there is a kitchen in your room, when in reality the kitchen they are talking about belongs to the cleaning lady and not very easily accessed.

This is just a touch on the problems that their foreign teachers have had this year and there are many many more. So be careful and keep your guard up if you chose to work for them.

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