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Angela and her husband are running a circus!

This word,” training”, is a tricky word. In essence, you learn something. When a company is using this word, you expect that the company trains people for certain jobs. But in China, this word has lost its primary meaning: a training company is, in fact, a company that has the right (IF) to hire a certain number of teachers, legally speaking, and has contracts with schools. The teachers who are hired by a company are being sent everywhere, and, if the company has a good reputation, there should be no problem. But, if the company has a bad reputation, like this Davis training company from Tianjin, than this is hell.
We tried to work for them for a few months, but the working conditions were painful. Before we signed the contracts (24 teaching periods, 40 minutes a period) we were told that we had to travel about 40 minutes. The travel was, in fact, 1-1.30 hours to Dagan, some sort of town, no way coastal area as Chinese like to say. The same is valid about Tianjin. Tianjin is not a coastal city, it’s dusty and boring (unless you like drinking, and in this case, any place in China is heaven for you).
The “teaching periods” are another trick used by many schools, so be careful and don’t accept such a contract.

We used to wake up at 5.30am, left Tianjin at 6 am and arrived in Dagan in order to teach 4 teaching periods. So, 4/40 minutes= 160 minutes= 2.33 hours. The 4 teaching periods were interrupted by a 3 hour long lunch time. By the time we arrived back to Tianjin, it was evening. A full day for a 2,33 hours of paid work time.

The company was not able to give us a decent number of hours because of their bad reputation in Tianjin, so our salary was very bad (approximate 4500/month for both of us, while the rent was…2500!). In order to pay the apartment rent (they don’t pay it), we had to ask money from our family. We had to pay the rent for two months in advance, plus the deposit, so we left there 7500 RMB, and we lived in the apartment a bit more than one month. That money is lost forever.

About the documents: THEY ARE NOT a legal school, so they can’t offer you working documents. Illegal schools are tolerated by the Chinese authorities and, if the foreign teacher is caught working in an illegal school; the authorities are much harsher on the foreigner than on the school.

One foreigner who was trying to fix his papers at Beijing was given a phone call from the school, the day his visa expired, asking him if he could come to school and …teach!!! That foreigner fixed his documents by marrying, in a hurry, his Chinese girlfriend.

We gave our residence permits and passports to a certain Jane from this company and for a month we were told that things were being taken care of. We even had to pay 150 RMB each for some photos.

After one month of waiting they gave back the documents, one week before the resident permits expired! No renewed residence permit, no trace of our 300 yuan photos and we were told to go to Beijing and fix our papers!!!

But the school/company must give you certain documents, stamped with the school’s/company’s stamp, and application forms filled in Chinese!

After weeks of yo-yoing between Tianjin and Beijing (all at our expense) because of the company’s incompetence, they were able to extend our resident permits for one month.

We then promptly left this company and are sorry that we didn’t do it earlier, but we trusted them (a foolish thing to do in China).

The company often works with foreign students who, obviously, are not allowed to work in China with a student visa. They also work with foreigners holding business visas (it is also illegal to work on such a visa).

To be honest with such people is a stupidity. To trust them, worthlessness.
They behave like this because nobody takes measures. Many students from the university need money, so they play the company’s tune.

The government is not going to discourage such operations. The people who will do this are the foreigners who are going to REFUSE to work with such individuals.

No foreigners, no schools.
Let’s do it!
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