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Avoid Zhijiang College (Zhejiang Institute of Technology)
Pay was generally ok, though they did stiff me on some overtime. They always ask teachers to teach more than they say on the website, then offer partial but not full overtime pay. I had some big medical bills during my stay and they did not pay as much as the contract promised. The foreign student contact at the time spoke no English and was a cut-every-possible-corner type of guy. New teachers can expect to be given an apartment that has not been cleaned since the last resident left. Mine had rotten food in the refrigerator and garbage scattered all around.

All of which isn't that unusual. BUT: Both of the foreign teachers apartments were broken into and a total of 5,000 RMB in cash was stolen. And the school did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. No reparations, no consolations, and worst of all no tightening of security. The foreign teachers apartment block remained dark and unguarded. One school official tried to laugh it off, literally, by blaming it on the construction workers that were all over campus at that point.
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