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Avoid Bond Institute, Zhongshan, Guangdong
I advise everybody to boycott Bond Institute. Everything negative you read about Bond IS true and it's probably much worse!
I am going on as many websites as I can find to tell people not to work for them.
They are terrible people, dishonest and they treat their teachers like s***t. It is true, they only care about money and they will rip you off if they think they can, anyway they can.
I stayed there for two months before breaking my contract. It was the best thing I ever did and now I am in a nice, clean school where I am treated with decency and respect, at least so far.
Basically, like I am human being and not just some tool to make them
First of all, I was promised 5,200 RMB before I came because I can teach IELTS. When it came to signing the contract, they told me, 'Oh, we don't think that you can teach IELTS' when I questioned the fact that the money was less than they promised first and I stupidly didn't argue because I thought what's 200 RMB? That was my biggest mistake.
The next day, they said, 'Oh, by the way, we have IELTS classes. You start tomorrow.'
The next thing they did, was they said that they had had complaints about ONE class, I know for fact that there was a girl there who I had to discipline and she didn't want to learn English. There were only four students in that class. They used this to put me on probation for another month, when I know for a fact that there was a teacher there who wasn't actually teaching the kids because she couldn't be bothered to discipline them and they extended another contract with her.She actually told them she wasn't teaching them.
At the school I am at now, they said that my teaching is excellent.
It just shows you the difference it makes when you are happy and in a nice environment,
They really don't care about the kids either, you tell them that this one or that one refuses to open his book or that one doesn't understand anything because they don't have enough English, as long as they can fill their classes and the parents pay they couldn't care less. The classrooms are so filthy, it's embarassing, Bond doesn't like to spend money on new chairs and desks or paint either
even though the owners are very, very rich, even by Western standards. They live half the year in Canada and they have schools all over China.
Teaching equipment is also very old and doesn't work properly.
Anyway, they put me on an extended probation but by then I had decided to leave. They then said that they might sack me but they were giving me a chance for another two weeks, but by the way, would I sign the contract to receive the probationary salary of 3,500 RMB. Why bother if they were 'sacking' me anyway?
Well, I could see where this was going, they were going to keep me on 'probation' until I finished. I refused to sign, I got really furious, and as I stormed out, the woman still said to me, 'Oh, you'll think about it, then?' I just said 'Yeah', really sarcastically.
I pretended to be sick because I had just got paid and I had a new job lined up, I was just waiting until I could leave. I also didn't want to work for those b******s for nothing because I would be leaving before next payday.
The whole time, they constantly harassed me, that's what they do if you're sick
and tried to force me to see a doctor but I refused. They then asked me if I wanted to go to Inner Mongolia? I just kept fobbing them off and in the end, they fired me because I refused to see a doctor which technically isn't allowed by the contract since I have a number of sick days allowed without seeing a doctor.
But I thought I'm not going to waste my energy arguing with them, all I wanted to do was get out of there as soon as possible.
I said, 'OK, fine then.'Just like I didn't care, which I didn't because I already had my new job. I did think about going back home, put off China forever but I decided to give it one more try somewhere else because I thought that it can't be worse than this. I am really glad that I decided to stay and am loving China now.
Apparently they didn't expect me to leave, they
think that I would come crawling, begging for them to take me back and would agree for less money. As if I can't get another job easily! In China, the demand is huge. Also, I read somewhere that they send teachers to Inner Mongolia and places like that so that they can get out of paying the deposit back and airfare reimbursement.
Anyway, what happened to me is nothing compared to what they did to another teacher who had had a heart attack. Apparently, he was their favourite! On the contract, it says that they provide health insurance and they promised to pay for his operation which cost about 40 000 RMB. About 2000 British Pounds.
He nearly died and he still needed to have more operations. Anyway, they then refused to pay and he didn't have the money himself to pay. He tried to leave, which was really hard for him because he was still really ill and exhausted after a major operation. The hospital wanted his passport details but he refused to give it to them so Bond did, so that they could have the authorities detain him at the Hong Kong border. So that he would have to pay.
This guy needed more operations badly and any more stress could have killed him. He phoned Bond but they callously put the phone down on him. The hospital and Bond knew that any more stress could kill him but neither cared. In the end, his mother wired him the money so that he could get out of the country and have his operations back home. So he wouldn't die.
Why wasn't Bond bothered that they had been caught lying on the contract because they obvioulsy hire teachers, telling them that they buy health insurance for them which doesn't exist? Why weren't they scared by this guy's Embassy? How can they get away with doing this stuff? It makes you wonder if they don't have powerful connections, probably the hospital was corrupt and in on the deal too.
They never bothered to get me a work permit, because I still had some time left on my visa. I think that they weren't going to bother to save money.
Also while I was there, there was a young couple paying rent when in the contracts we are all given free apartments.
So, if you want to have a great time in China, don't go to Bond Institute!
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