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3 months and still no green card, and thatīs not the half of it
Avoid AIEEC (Australian International Edicational Exchange Centre) like the plague. They took two months to get me an aprtment, have still not put a telephone in it after an extra six weeks, have still not processed my green card, have consistently lied and given their teachers an endless stream of disinformation, have constantly introduced arbitrary and stupid changes to scheduling and work hours without notice, and have generally deported themselves with a maximum of managerial ineptitude and a minimum of scruples and integrity. To give one example: one Saturday morning I was rudely awoken by people banging on my door, and was asked to go down to central Beijing to interview some prospective Chinese teachers. I had already refused many such requests to work during my time off, but went along with it this time. Anyway, two weeks later no one had bothered to ask me for feedback about the interviews. I then went to Inner Mongolia to do some teacher training (a story in itself), and when I returned found that the Chinese teachers had already been chosen and had started work. When I expressed my puzzlement at this, the school manager said he could tell by my "aura" (I kid you not) which teachers I thought were best.