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Do not blame Babel
DON'T EVEN COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR TREATMENT BY THE REPRESENTATIVE OF BABEL (Hangzhou Babel Language School)! They have an impossible job; Their very careers depend upon insuring your safety and happiness. They can't argue with you and they were put in a despicable situation, like you, due to the lies of an intermediately: your recruiter.
-------HOW DARE YOU! I could have sympathized with you if you didn't bring the students into your message. Many students are unruly. due to culture and history! They are the only hope for their family. They work from 8A.M to 8P.M.six days a week; Many don't know why they learn English, nor how much their family sacrifices for them to due so. If you are asked only to provide correct pronunciation in an entertaining way for a child to become passionate for a foreign language pressured upon them, then you are pathetic!
-------Babel's summer camp was challenging. But I enjoyed every day, I worked hard, and received a salary for it, but my recruiter stole it. The people of the village were friendly, the Babel representative tried their best to make me happy, my TAs were both better teachers than I, and were paid very little, and quite helpful. MY STUDENTS WERE WONDERFUL! They were a joy in the classroom as well as out of it. I enjoyed spending time with them; playing basketball, exploring the nearby cultural attractions, shopping, and even family invitations.
------- If you desire to have an enchanting experience in China, talk to Hangzhou Babel Language School or any other school directly; you want to teach, the schools want to teach, the students want to learn, the recruiters sole purpose is to make a quick dollar!
--------Don't pay any recruiter a dollar, Chinese schools administration in travel expenses. Chinese schools pay your salary to recruiter.
--------Anything said to you by a recruiter is bullshit. That's their job. They lied to Chinese schools in order to get them to accept you as a teacher.
-------Internet recruiters get paid for your service as soon as you step foot into a school. They have no incentive to ensure any false promises given to you by them. Chinese schools have already provided an agreed upon salary to your recruiter and can't afford to honor your recruiters lies.
-------Most of China is poor. For such a short stay camp, you will not live in "the Rits", especially in non-coastal cities.
-------I was given an English book and access to all the school's resources; internet, very qualified teachers' assistants( who are actually more qualified to teach English grammar than most Americans)
------- My recruiter promised many tours: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, etc.. , RECRUITER'S LIES; If you received even an unpleasant tour of Hangzhou, then it shows that Babel went out of its way to give you something that it had no idea it was supposed to provide; the recruiters LIE to the Chinese school as well. I stayed in that "dirty" hotel. It was dirty, because the room wasn't cleaned yet. I asked for a different room and received one that was clean.
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