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A position never advertised, but by GOD do they look after you!
I went to teach at Chuang Xin Foreign Language School in Dushanzi, Xinjiang, not knowing WHAT to expect. Sure, as with ANY foreign experience, there were frustrations (Chinese Post Office sucks!!) but I couldn't have found kinder people anywhere than at the school where I was teaching. They have such difficulty getting people out to the boonies, so they totally appreciate foreigners making the effort go get out there. The head of the school, and the man responsible for recruiting foreigners, (Kang Shi Cai) is one of the world's last gentlemen.

The salary was more than easy enough to live on, with a bit left over for exploring China, and it comes with the usual benefits, 2 bed roomed apartment to oneself, internet, travel allowance, medical, monthly salary between RMB3500-4000 depending on salary.

Dushanzi's a nice clean little oil funded town, within 3 hours drive from Urumqi, but most of what you need, you can buy in town, or in Kuytun, which is about 10 minutes away by taxi.

They're usually looking for teachers, and I have plans to go back there within 18 months (I'm an Aussie doing my requisite time in the UK at the moment). 

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