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Great Time
Beijing Language and Culture University was my first contract job in China... and it has been the best. Beijing isn't the nicest city - very polluted, relatively rude people, relatively expensive, hard to get around... but BLCU was great. The starting salary was low, about 3,000, but I worked for the Bilingual Department, teaching only in the afternoons, and with class sizes ranging from 3 to 18. All my students were foreigners, mostly from Korea and Japan, and all came to China to study Chinese, but had some free time to study English. The director of the Bilingual Department, Mr. Xie, was very hands-off. Basically, I'd see him twice a semester - once to get my schedule and again to turn in my grades. The independence was fantastic. The director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department, Mr. Qu, was a tireless worker, even helping my boyfriend (who was not employed by BLCU) with settling in. Mr. Qu often works until 8pm -- and so far I haven't found any other Cooperation and Exchange worker with the same dedication. The campus is nice and green and there are many foreign restaurants in case you get tired of Chinese food. The students I had were fantastic. I'm still in touch with some of them and they have become very close friends.
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