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This school is a complete disaster!
Taishan International School

This school is a complete disaster. Stay away from it. I have been here almost a year, and have, for the most part, enjoyed it. The students are great, the teachers, by and large, were terrific. The accommodation was in a dormitory, and was satisfactory. BUT!!!! The Administration is PATHETIC!!!

Around 20 Chinese Teachers have left, dissatisfied with their treatment at the hands of the 3 Dictators. Many of the students have left. Considering that the school started with around 200 students one year ago, this is not a good omen.

The buildings, whilst looking impressive, do not stand up to close scrutiny. Already things are falling apart. Recent heavy rains led to flooding of an as yet unused Library. It was decided to dig up the offending, leaking steps and repair the leaks. The steps have now been reduced to a pile of rubble, and the downpours of the past 2 days have led to increased flooding in the Library, and flooding of the main foyer.

We have just finished the first week of The Summer English Program(not Summer Camp)
I have 10 Primary students, and my colleague has 13 High School students…not exactly a popular Program, is it? We have these poor little buggers for 6 lessons each day!

Excursions?…..Forget it!! We might lose a student, or they might run away!! So, we are confined to the Campus.

We have a newly-built lake. Very beautiful, and the recent rains have filled it up.BUT!!! It is dangerous, and we are not allowed to let the students near it! Security follows us like sheepdogs whenever we take them out of the classroom.

I like the Security blokes, and we get along fine, so I have no beef with them. The 3 Dictators should be running a prison.

Now, this is not a Cultural conflict, by any means, so don′t read any of that crap into this post.These 3 would be total Idiots in any culture.I was discussing potential changes to the Summer camp(sorry, Program) with the International Affairs Director, and I noticed on her computer a draft of a new ad for Foreign Teachers…..salary now down to 3000 per month! I didn′t say anything to her about it, but tried to sort out a new schedule for the next 2 weeks. Monday will show if I was successful or not.

We have a broken window in the Dining Hall…wind blew it out a few months ago. We now have a new car for the 3 Headmasters to swan around in.

I succeeded in getting my own English Room, but I didn′t get all the Audio-Visual aids that every other classroom has got. I didn′t even get a Teachers desk!!

This school is going DOWN!!….1 year after it started. I feel sorry for the students, and the parents.

The 3 Idiots running the place seem to think that they know best about EVERYTHING, and the teachers they hired are stupid. They also assume the parents are stupid also.

There are lots of other things I could add, but I think the above is enough to give you a general idea.