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Yakup International!!! Sign!!!!!
Do not get a job from Yakup International!!!!
Yakup is the biggest Liar and crook!!!!
He got me came all the way from America to his office,then he said there was no job for me, I have to pay him 400 dollars to get placed otherwise he will call the police !!!!!
what a bulls##t was that?????? I left him that night and found a job through another agency, I really enjoy China now. in the past 1 month, I did some research about Yakup and Yakup International. It is not the biggest recruitment agency in china as they said in their AD, in fact, Yakup doesn't even have a license to do oversea recruitment, and there are Yakup and Yakup 1-9, Yakup1-6 have left Yakup after they found out that Yakup is a completely crook,Yakup 8 and Yakup 9 presently are looking for foreign teachers for Yakup.Yakup8 is so called Terry Fang and Yakup 9 is so called an American girl. my research also tells me that Yakup is so good at making some fake names and do recruiting himself. I also found that Yakup is recruiting volunteers for China Hope project ,that is a bullshit too. the schools he recruits for are very poor and in the middle of nowhere,they can not afford 4000 a month foreign teachers,so instead,they pay Yakup 7000 a head if he recruits any "kind-hearted" volunteer who is ok with 1000-2000 a month.
Anyway,stay away from Yakup if you don't want to ruin your good feelings about China.