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Joy School Harbin China..Beware!
Joy School has cause my son so much grief when he was teaching there..The teachers apartments were broken into, one teacher was mugged and the school did nothing to help..
When my son complained of the conditins ( teachers were getting things stolen from their apartments..people were going into their apartments when they werent home..etc.) the head fired my son for bringing these things to the head of the schools attention..
Since then he has tried to teach elsewhere, the head is calling all the schoos around so he cannot teach elsewhere and now he is threatening my son to take his visa away and charging him 10,000 yen (2,000 dollars)!!!!!!!
The school promised to pay for his flight there and back which he hasnít received, and made him teach many more hours than stated without pay.
My son is now in a position where is is broke, contacting the Canadian Consulate and Canadian Government for their help.