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Beware of " Icon " in Suzhou , China
Western English Teachers Beware!
Many would be Chinese entrepreneurs wishing to take advantage of the lucrative English Educational market and the naiveté of the hopeful Chinese students not to mention the inexperienced foreign teachers are throwing schools up like spaghetti against the wall hoping for one to stick and produce a tainted profit.
The ICON Language Center in Suzhou is apparently just such a school where empty promises of great future success through the learning of English is handed out on printed flyers on crowded street corners and by the way if you are the teacher you will be handing out these false promises where an over priced tuition fee will make a noodle cook or bicycle messenger a Vice President of a Bank or General Manager of a co-venture company.
Since the School doesn't have legal documents to hire foreign teachers you might also find yourself with a very heavy legal problem concerning your visa and residency documents.
With this warning precursor you still desire an experience of abuse where 40 plus hours of humiliation per week, where your contract is not worth the paper it’s written on, where empty classrooms are blamed on you, where lying, cheating, and stealing from you is the norm then The ICON Language Center in Suzhou is definitely the school for you.
If your life has been going well and you want to taste the fruits of personal disaster or if your life has been going really bad and you don’t think things can get worse …… Then you might want to sign on to the ICON experience.