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Contract Language: Xin Jiang Guang Hua Private School
Advice wanted:

I′ve signed a contract giving 18 hours which the school said are 27 lessons of 40 minute duration. The first 6 months had been very good, now a change of atmosphere.

It appears the school is in breach of contract for not
1. Paying our holiday allowance (quite small) for July and August so far,
2. Not telling me about the ′necessary laws and requirements of China′ (according to contract) that I need a re-entry visa when I leave China,
3. Not supplying me with the necessary visa (after re-entering China) but instead returning the passport to me after 2 weeks with the comment: not necessary,
4. The school has re-applied for the visa but now demands that I teach whilst waiting for the work permit and Z visa and threatened to deduct a lot of money off my pay. They quote the ′private affairs′ section of the contract.

I′m going to write to the School to cancel the contract. What advice can you give me if the school refuses to pay (wages, air fare, fine) as well as write the ′letter of confirmation of conclusion of emplayment"

my email:

Ingrid King [2004-09-17, 02:33:00][ID: 965-5257] you have no assets in this spat. Give up and go if you are unhappy. Things shan′t improve. You are a foreigner in china.

Moe [2004-09-17, 05:15:00][ID: 965-5260] Ingrid,

Re: points 2, 3 and 4, see my comments under your previous post.

Re; #1, most contracts that have a holiday allowance are silent on when it will be paid. But if you ask, they will readily give you one-half for summer and on-half for Spring Festival.

Btdt [2004-09-18, 18:52:00][ID: 965-5283]