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Tongliao Huanyu Private Exit and Entry Company Limited
Stay away from Tongliao Huanyu Private Exit and Entry Information Company Limited, aka Tongliao Huanyu Independent Consulting Services Ltd. Okay, here are just SOME details of the complete nightmare:
*They are not legally permitted to have foreign teachers but they bribe local officials to get visas
*They promised me a 5000 RMB monthly salary and I got 900 RMB after working as much as 60 classes a week at times
*My "private" apartment became a place for the boss′ relatives to live in occasionally
*One teacher came here and was here for four months without work and was thrown out on the street when she found work elsewhere to get enough money to live
*I can easily nail them on at least 30 different contract violations
*Personal safety has been threatened
*Return plane tickets promised in contract have been refused
*Teachers have been charged for the painting and refinishing of the boss′ home
*Teachers paid for heating during the winter, and no heat was supplied in severely cold weather. When we had to use electric heaters to keep things from freezing we were told we were using too much electricity
*Often given no notice for having to teach class
*The boss has harassed current employers asking for a "finder′s fee" for us when we left her company
*Accused of violating her contract because we didn′t sign a new one when the old contract was up…whatever
*Teachers were on occasion not paid at all
*Threatened with deportation if we disagreed with their demands
*We were deemed as bad teachers by the company, yet we were highly recommended by any school that we have taught for in the city
*The boss agreed to give students in the lower level of the apartment building free electricity, while we were being charged for it…when we caught her in the act, we demanded a refund, she agreed, and never made good on it. Big surprise.

Anyway, to make a long story short, this whole ordeal was an incredibly trying nightmare, that may have actually contributed to the death of the first child of one of the foreign teachers (despite doctors orders to the boss to let the woman rest, she was kicked out, forced to relocate in the heat of midsummer, and lost her child). This company is located in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, China. Stay away from them if you are smart. Look elsewhere…you′ll be glad you did.