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Davis Language is illegal
My name is Robert and I worked for Davis Language Training in Tianjin, China in 2003. Be advised that this company is NOT legal.
They tell prospective teachers that they have a license to hire foreigners and a license to operate a school. In fact they have neither.
What the operator of this company DOES have is someone in the police dept. that can get a tourist visa, NOT a work visa.
Unless a teacher can read Chinese or has a Chinese friend, the unsuspecting teacher has no idea that they are working illegally.
Angela Davis has cheated many teachers over the last 3 years and has a very bad reputation in Tianjin. The problem comes when teachers try to get their money. They are then told by the police that they are working in China illegally and their contracts aren't valid. Davis language makes a lot of their profits in this fashion, however they cannot get any more local teachers to work for them because of their reputation. So now they have turned to the internet to lure teachers from other cities and countries. BEWARE!! SEVERAL TEACHERS HAVE BEEN STRANDED HERE BECAUSE OF HER CRIMINAL COMPANY! Check with Ministry of Education BEFORE working for any Tianjin English schools. Corruption is rampant here and many teachers have been stung. Cheers!