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Huaian Jiangsu Modern English/John He
I am not one to normally sit here and post or comment on schools, but I find it is time to now do so in a hope that individuals will think twice before venturing to this school.

I can not say that this school for sure was the one responsible for the what happened to me or if it was the individual who brought me here to this school.

Below is an account of what occurred in this school and with the named individual. You decide who screwed who, I have my own thoughts but you be the judge.

I was first introduced to this Institution through an Internet job posting on one of the esl job boards. I had sent out my resume and information as any of us do and was contacted by email by someone named John He. This individual and I spoke many times through email over a time period of many months. We negotiated a lot and agreed on a settlement to my contract. I made arrangements with John to fly to Nanjing from Canada where he would pick me up and drive to Huaian. All was in order and He did meet me as promised on June 1st 2004. I was shown my apartment that I ended up sharing with John on a University Campus near the school. I was introduced to the Lady who owned the school and gave her my passport (yes I know that was a mistake). I was treated very well and given the usual pep talk and Friendship sessions and speeches normally done by most schools here. I was shocked to learn I was the only Foreigner working there seeing as I was informed there were 5 others working at the time I left Canada. I started working the next day, teaching very few hours, as there were very few students. Everything seemed to be going very well. Four nights after I started John came home after doing something, he sat down and spoke with me on some other school that was interested in him and asked what I thought. He then started telling me that the school I was at was going to screw me. He informed me that the school owner was going to keep my passport and not give it back, that they were going to change my contract and or not give me one. I was informed that they would not issue me a visa and wanted money for rent and many other things. John then informed me he could get my Passport back and that we could leave whenever I wanted to, this other School would hire us both. I agreed to this and to paying his way to this other city as the school we were going to, agreed to pay me the money to go there and John supposedly was did not have any money or could not wait until payday. John then produced my Passport the next day and we left the following day for Nanjing then to Taiyuan Shanxi PRC.

Again I have my own thoughts on this school and in truth as far as the school goes I can not say they did me wrong to my face. It is true I never saw a contract, I did not see my passport after handing it over to the owner until I got it back from John. The City is beautiful the people at the school and in the city wonderful. This is just my two cents worth. If you wish an update as to Taiyuan Shanxi Modern English read My next posting.

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William Warren Wise