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Very happy with EF Shanghai
As a newly qualified teacher I am very happy with my 6 months (So far) with EF Shanghai.
I clear almost 9,000 rmb a month and my contract is 30 ach (40 mins each) any more has to be mutually agreed and is paid overtime.
Half my flight money has been paid and the rest will be at the end of my contract.
Accomodation is satisfactory without being luxurious!
I average about 27 ach a week and don′t have to come in when not working.
The DoS has 6 years exp. Mainly in Europe and has a degree plus CELTA and DELTA. He is also a workaholic who arguess constantly for the welfare of the teachers and is there when you have problems.He is willing to help me with further teaching qualifications.
A CELTA colleague has not had such a good time at slightly higher paying schools in Shanghai, but I can′t comment as I don′t know the details.

The message is - shop around - good EF schools are out there!

Satisfied EF teacher (Not ecstatic).

Satisfied EF teacher [2004-08-17, 13:45:00][ID: 896-4934] There you GO!!! Congradulations!

Wishiwerethere [2004-08-17, 15:15:00][ID: 896-4936] Hello EF Teacher Shanghai

You have passed the probation period and the honeymoon period as well, which is, in my opinion about two months. You made it. Congrats to you. Now China IS YOURS!!

******Next stop…. THAILAND*****

After that, the rest of ESL Asia, then Europe. Have fun while you are young, be careful.

ESL oldtimer [2004-08-17, 16:01:00][ID: 896-4939] Wow, a good opinion of an EF school coming from someone who doesn′t own or manage that school is an extremely rare event indeed. You′re very lucky.

Raoul Duke [2004-08-21, 13:20:00][ID: 896-4971] It is highly likely that EF central will be contacting the manager of that school with offers to open more!! Keep up the good work EF Shanghai!!

The best to you:) [2004-08-22, 09:30:00][ID: 896-4975] After reading these laughable comments, I really do feel that I must set the record straight.

EF Shanghai is a joke, and I′m speaking from experience as I know someone who has only recently finished working at the school in question.

The centre is very badly organised, from top to bottom. Teachers rarely know what is happening from one minute to the next…. And… as for the DoS constantly arguing for the welfare of the teachers… laughable! This ′person′ has never made any effort to improve the deteriorating morale of the staff, working conditions (the school is a complete dump), or indeed anything else that would involve sticking his neck out for more than an inch beyond the safety of his office. Oh yeah, and while we′re on the subect of the ′multi-talented, fully DELTA′d, workaholic′…

1) Not having completed the final exam does not make one DELTA qualified.

2) Trawling through Ex-forces websites for hours on end does not make one a workaholic.

3) Regularly lying to the teachers and staff does not make one a respected ′DoS′

If any of you reading this are planning to come to Shanghai, I′d think very carefully indeed before accepting an offer of employment from EF. Indeed, it would be very much in your interests to seriously consider the ′higher paying′ schools. Shanghai certainly has a lot to offer; EF hasn′t!

Good luck!

Cookie [2004-11-16, 06:17:00][ID: 896-5705]