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EF China?
Can anyone tell me if it′s a good idea to work for EF China? I′ve heard good and bad reports.
Any feedback would be very useful.
Thank you

Amanda D. [2004-07-04, 06:52:00][ID: 779-4219] Check out the threads below. It really appears that the reputation of each EF language institute rests solely on the business ethics of each individual school franchise owner. Some are good while it appears others have missed the mark.

Roger [2004-07-04, 06:57:00][ID: 779-4221] Roger is correct. It is best not to think of EF as′one school′ but different schools in different cities. Some are good, some are bad.
Check with teachers who are working/have worked there before you decide to go!

DoS [2004-07-20, 19:24:00][ID: 779-4378] I′ve been in China for several years now. I′ve known a number of people who worked for EF in different cities nationwide…and I′ve never heard anything that wasn′t a horror story. These stories mostly centered on the DoS (Manager) of the respective schools and the unfair treatment received at the hands of these people, but also included complaints about hours, curriculum, and students.

Some of the stories will make your hair stand on end.

EF seems to enjoy higher regard in some other countries, but the China schools seem to be (at least) a near-total loss. I′ve never heard a kindly word about them from any of the many people I′ve known with experience in them.

In general, most of the Chain English Mills in China (EF, AES, Shane, Modern English, Canilx, etc.) seem to be terrible places to work. The only one I′ve heard a reasonable proportion of good things about, or haven′t been ripped off myself by, is Wall Street English.

Raoul Duke [2004-07-24, 18:09:00][ID: 779-4432] Thanks everyone for your comments.
I think I′ll give it a go maybe part time in Shanghai and see how it pans out.
Thanks again and any more pointers from anyone would be useful.

Amanda D [2004-07-27, 05:41:00][ID: 779-4459] Roger and Raoul are old hands in China and know what they are talking about.

MW [2004-07-29, 11:12:00][ID: 779-4498] I worked at Canilx Modern English for 7 months and I have to say had the pleasure of working with great teachers who had great rapport with all the students. Unfortunately that’s where ′great′ ends. This school (franchise) is only interested in making money and screwing over its teachers. They made lots of promises that they had no intention of deliving, extra days vacation (teachers only get 5 days a year), a pay increase that never happened .. The list goes on. They′re spiteful (Miss Z), vendictive, mean-spirited and greedy.

MRNA [2004-07-31, 18:27:00][ID: 779-4545] Hi MRNA,
Is that Canilx Shanghai?
I am most interested in Shanghai school stories,
EF in Particular

Amanda D [2004-08-01, 06:12:00][ID: 779-4551] hi, I have been teaching in china for over 6 years I have taught using the canilx learning software from dalian to tianjin, I will be glad to train any one on how to effectively use the software, call me ASAP.

MARK [2004-11-16, 09:22:00][ID: 779-5709] I must direly warn any teacher from associating themselves with a ′school′ which may or may not still go by the name of ′Grace English′, in Shanghai.
I worked for them as Manager of Foreign teachers, and was wonderfully worked over by them myself. The lies are plentiful, and the pay late if it ever is paid. The individuals include the name Ms. Leena Wong. She also runs a wooden toy company. Another name is Jade Zu (as in pig). He is an incompetant taiwanese business man who fronts a group of taiwanese investors in losing money in China through the teaching business. They send teachers to different kindergartens they have ′contracts′ with, and have no problem witholding payment. They were supposed to provide me with an appartment, which for a while they did, till they decided they did not want to. I was told to move, and the landlord watched over me as I packed at that very moment. Within an hour I was on the street with all my belongings to start my tour of couches in China. This all happened late Sunday night. Beware!

Jp [2004-11-16, 12:06:00][ID: 779-5714]