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Whining Pom "Solloway"
Read a few of the posts and some really good contributions , but it′s a shame that this site is also plagued by the pommie ′EF obsessive′, aka Mr Tony Solloway, posting under multiple ID′s. He has been on most forums and eventually kicked off due to his incessant whining and abusive comments. (Ranted as " Bertrand" on davescafe. Had numerous Id′s there as well)
Alleged ′ weed′ monkey and STD collector, he offers nothing but abuse to those who post seeking constructive comment. I′m reliably informed that he fled to Hong Kong as he couldn′t hack it in China. Yes, he was sacked, but for good reason….couldn′t teach. Ironically, one of his ID′s on this site is " Sacked for teaching" !..true. (His classes were so dry they provided salt tablets as part of the course). Taste of your own medicine Solloway.

On a more positive note: sites such as these are an invaluable resource to all teachers and we should make the effort to maintain some sort of ′code′ that we agree to follow. Ok, we can′t legislate for the the saddo′s/ cowards who post ′bile′ anonymously, and indeed anonymity is everyone′s right, but lets be more supportive to each other and stop with the pointless negativity. Some schools are crap. Fact. Some teachers are crap. Fact. Both need to be exposed by those that have the evidence.
I′ve been teaching for 10 years and I wish I′d had a list of teachers to avoid, never mind a list of schools!
It′s been a privilege for me to have taught so many people over the years and one the most rewarding aspects is the look on a parent′s face when they see their child having a conversation in English. Priceless.
Of course I′ve been in some awful situations due to corrupt recruiters, dishonest owners, insane teachers, and my own stupidity ( Hey Mike..if you′re reading this, I hope you′ve forgiven me!), but that′s all part of the adventure. It′s been the bad times that my friends like hearing about the most. Dined out on some of the stories!
So, take it as it comes. And remember, you′re only a ′teacher′ for part of your life, but a ′student′ for all of it.

Mark watson [2004-07-02, 10:17:00][ID: 775-4205] What exactly is a POM?

Curious [2004-07-03, 01:19:00][ID: 775-4209] It′s an Englishman. They go out in the midday sun, along with their dogs.

Canidate [2004-07-22, 06:39:00][ID: 775-4401] Hello all. My mame is mike and I am teaching in Harbin China. The school I am teaching at is called Golden Bridge Language school, Jin Qiao in Mandarin.
Like many of you probobly know schools have a tendency to lie. I have found myself working here with out the proper documents, of course this is my own fault, but Id like to give the advice of not working in a private school in china. I think it is much better to work for a gov school. At least they will abide by the laws of China. But as things go teaching here has been a great experience. Good luck to you all
Mike from Harbin

kolaritsch2000@yahoo [2004-07-29, 05:44:00][ID: 775-4493] Hi, I know this is going to sound like an over anxious parent so please forgive me. My son, Ben, is currently teaching in Harbin at the Golden Bridge Language school. I have not heard from him in two weeks which is unusual. He has had a few problems but all have been resolved favourably for both sides. He has all his documentation in order until Sept. 2005. I would like to send this to Mike, the sender of the comment on Golden Bridge. I phoned the school only to be told that they were closed for one week due to holidays. Now, I am sure that my son is travelling the country side and seeing the sights but I just want to check. If Mike could answer me I would be grateful. Thanks

linda_harrison@sd34. [2004-10-05, 06:44:00][ID: 775-5430] Seems like a load of propaganda to me.

Expose [2004-10-09, 01:12:00][ID: 775-5452]