Teaching English in Jiangsu

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Find Teaching Jobs in Jiangsu. Total 98 Jiangsu jobs found. Results 1~10.
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Huaiyin Normal University
Public   University    Jiangsu    
Huai'an City lies in the north of Jiangsu Province. It occupies 10,600 square kilometers and has a population of 5.1768 million. Huai'an City is easily accessible by Xin-Chang Railway, Nanjing-Lianyungang Expressway and Beijing- Shangh......
French Language Teacher wanted  (September, 2022    Full-time   淮安, Jiangsu) * Apply Now

Eastern esl
Private   Agent    Shandong    
Easternesl is a professional employment based in Qingdao. We offer you accurate information on the latest teaching vacancies During this time, we have placed many outstanding foreigners in different schools and companies. We have always......
ESL Teacher wanted  (February, 2022    Full-time   Jiangsu) * Apply Now

Renmin University of China (Suzhou Campus)
Public   University    Jiangsu    
Suzhou Campus of Renmin University of China was officially established in September,2012. It is an important part and new growth point of Renmin University's overall development. It is an experimental base for exploring Sino- foreign c......
ESL Teacher wanted  (September, 2022    Full-time   苏州市, Jiangsu) * Apply Now

Private   Agent    Jiangsu    
ESL Teacher wanted  (August, 2022    Full-time   Suzhou, Jiangsu) * Apply Now

Soochow University / Pioneer International Education Inc., Canada
Public   University    Jiangsu    
ESL Teacher wanted  (Any time, 2022    Full-time   Suzhou 苏州, Jiangsu) * Apply Now
Other Subject Teacher wanted  (Any time, 2012    Full-time   Suzhou , Jiangsu) * Apply Now

ESL Teacher wanted  (October, 2012    Full-time   Suzhou, Jiangsu) * Apply Now

Ningbo Being Human Recourses company
Private   Agent    Zhejiang    
Being Human Resource Ltd is the gateway to fulfilling your goals as a teacher, administrator, and citizen of the world. Our aims as a global education recruitment center is to hire English native speakers and enthusiastic instructors ......
ESL Teacher wanted  (Any time, 2022    Full-time   苏州, Jiangsu) * Apply Now

Jiangyin Secondary Vocational School of Jiangsu Province
Public   Technical Secondary School    Jiangsu    
ESL Teacher wanted  (Any time, 2022    Full-time   Jiangyin, Jiangsu) * Apply Now

Suzhou North America High School
Public   Language School    Jiangsu    
Suzhou North America High School (SNA) was cofounded by the Suzhou Wuzhong Group and North Carolina State University in September 2013. SNA accepts both Chinese citizens and non-Chinese citizens. SNA is the first and only international hi......
Other Language Teacher wanted  (August, 2022    Full-time   Suzhou, Jiangsu) * Apply Now

Find Teaching Jobs in Jiangsu. Total 98 Jiangsu jobs found. Results 1~10.
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Public University, Nanjing City

Anhui University of Technology