Madarin Chinese in Jiangsu

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China Pharmaceutical University
Public  University Nanjing Jiangsu
China Pharmaceutical University (CPU), originally the National Pharmaceutical School founded in 1936, is China’s first independent school of pharmacy and it has been one of the top universities of pharmacy in China with a wide variety ......
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Lianyungang Teachers College
Public  College Lianyungang Jiangsu
Lianyungang Teachers College is one of China's foremost educational institutions. Located in the Jiangsu Province, the college is situated directly in the city's center. The city itself is well- known as an international portside metropo......
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Huaiyin Normal University
Public  University Huai'an Jiangsu
Huai'an City lies in the north of Jiangsu Province. It occupies 10,600 square kilometers and has a population of 5.1768 million. Huai'an City is easily accessible by Xin-Chang Railway, Nanjing-Lianyungang Expressway and Beijing- Shangh......
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