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    Frequently Asked Questions
  About Using
  Why does my online resume not show my email address? How will prospective employers contact me?
  Where can I find employers' e-mail address and how do I respond to job offer?
  Why didn't I receive a reply?
  I have accepted a job with a school and am satisfied. How can I stop receiving offers from other schools?
  I'm interested in comparing my current offer to other schools. How can I do this?
  I sent my application online but received no response. Why?
  About Benefit
  How much about overtime payment?
  How about my accommodation?
  How about the monthly salary?
  How can I live in China on 4000 Yuan?
  Why does the school I plan to work for give me such a hard time about paying for my ticket overseas? If they don't pay for it, I can't go.
  Why do different schools pay different salaries (for instance, 3000-8000 Yuan) per month for the same work?
  Do I have enough paid vacations to travel in China during my teaching contract?
  About Application
  What if I do not have a degree?
  What if I have limited teaching experience?
  Who can apply teaching jobs in China?
  What is "Foreign Experts" and "Foreign Teachers" ?
  If I disagree with the contract offered to me by a school, can I suggest changes? Or will my application be immediately rejected?
  I'm an American with no scanner, why do Chinese schools always want my photos?
  About Suggestion
  I don't understand Chinese and most of my fellow teachers speech very little English. How can I communicate effectively with them?
  I think I've fallen in love with a Chinese student but the school is against us… What should I do?
  I'm not really comfortable with the gas-oven… can I have an electric oven?
  Should I take my stereo to China? Will it work there? Or do I need a special plug?
  I am a black man who applied to teach in China, but I was never answered. Are Chinese people racist?
  I haven't got Foreign Labor Papers, and my employee never mentioned anything about this to me. What should I do?
  I can't stand the school's lunch! Can I get a lunch stipend instead of a free school lunch?
  My employer has not paid me, or has delayed the payment guaranteed in my contract, what can I do?
  About Teaching
  How does teaching English in china differ from teaching English to students for whom it is their first language?
  Is a uniform required in class?
  What courses are required to teacher?
  Security Tips
  Protect yourself from fraudulent emails and stop Spam

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