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Though China has some private schools, most colleges and middle schools are stated-owned.
In the social language and business training fields, most schools are privately owned.
In economically developed provinces, there are private universities, international schools, primary schools, and kindergartens established with the funding of large real estate businessman.
Now, more and more schools engage foreign teachers. There is great demand for native English(or another language) speakers.

Employer Type Age of Students Position Profile
  Kindergarten 3-5  Simple words, phrases and mursery rhymes
  Primary School 6-12  Basic oral English
  Junior School 12-15  Basic oral English
  High School 15-18  Spoken language, listening, reading, and in someschools biology, western geography, western history and information technology.
  University / College above 18  spoken language, listening, reading, writing, western literature and specialized courses for majors.
  Training School Various ages  Spoken language, listening, reading, writing, commercial English etc..
  Other organizations    Editor, translation or training lecturer etc.
You will need a foreign Expert's or a Foreign teachers certificate work in China.
Schools usually employ foreign teachers with the approval of the government foreign expert department(or the office of foreign affairs).
Employer should handle foreign expert certificates, foreign teacher certificates, and temporary residence or temporary residence permits.
Some employers, especially private training schools, classify foreign teacher as "labor", to the procurement of working papers and residence permits.
To work legally, you need to get a work visa (z-via).
Before entering China, normally, request foreign teacher to apply for work visa(z-visa).
However, some foreigner choose to arrive with a tourist visa and then apply for a work visa. Confirm with your employer that the school meets specifications for engaging foreigners. The best way to do this is to get in touch with their current and/or former teachers.

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